Housing Stabilization

Housing Stabilization

Our Housing Stabilization center helps people address the many problems that lead to housing crises. Professional case managers offer information, referrals, and other homeless prevention services to renters and homeowners facing short-term crises.  Longer-term, more intensive services are also available for families working toward self-sufficiency. Housing Resources, Inc. is proud to be an United Way Agency and collaborates with many United Way partners to provide housing solutions for residents of Kalamazoo County.   

HRI provides previously homeless families much needed post-shelter supports.  With financial pressures reduced, participants take advantage of a constructive and supportive environment to increase the skills and emotional stability to build independent lives including:

  • Supportive services to address the barriers creating their housing crisis and promoting self-sufficiency such as collaborating with community agencies to provide:

                     - Financial/Household management
                     - Employment   
                     - Education/Training
                     - Transportation
                     - Child Care
                     - Agency Referrals and Collaboration

  • Rent subsidies allowing families to pay only 30-40% of their income for rent.
  • Establishment of individual goal plans to prepare and maintain affordable housing of their own.
  • Permanent housing placement assistance.
  • Client follow-up